Spring Division Conference Gent 2018

Be part of an inspiring day with the best speakers of Division B

Some people are introvert. Some are extrovert.

And some are GHENTROVERT!

A ghentrovert is somebody whose sole mission it is to create an amazing experience and this in a CreativeAtypicalRefreshing and Sparkling way.


You are the creator of an object, event, experience that fires emotions. You’re the composer of surprise.


You are atypical since improving yourself is one of your goals. Atypical is great. Albert Einstein was atypical as well. I mean, have you seen his haircut?


You’re an outside the box-thinker. If they say, ‘That has never been done before’ your dramatic response is ‘ I shall break  the chain that limits my mind’


You feel energetic and enthusiastic. Just like the bubbles in a glass of champagne, you want to fly to the sky. Release the inner child.

By using these 4 character traits you bring people together and you increase the joy in life!

Now read the next line very well, dear reader.

You’re a ghentrovert as well.

Actually if you look for them, you can find ghentroverts everywhere. 
Especially at the upcoming Spring Division B Conference on Saturday May 5th 2018!

Let’s dive into this!


  • The best speakers of the whole Division competing against each other in at least five different contests:
  • Qualifying for the Toastmasters International District Conference in Athens, May 25-27:
    • International Speech Contest
    • English Evaluation Contest
    • French Speech Contest
    • German Speech Contest
  • Qualifying for the Dutch Open in Maastricht, May 12:
    • The Dutch Speech and Evaluation Contest
  • A world class keynote speaker
  • An adventurous atmosphere with superb people
  • The perfect opportunity to do some sight-seeing in the ancient city of Ghent


Film Plateau
Paddenhoek 3
9000 Gent

Attention: it’s not KASKcinema in Godshuizenlaan!


Curious, aren’t you?

Yes, me too. That’s the ghentrovertism kicking in.

While we’re busy assembling a top-notch program especially for you, satisfy your curiosity by continuing reading. Otherwise you’ll miss out on all the fun.

What you will miss if you don't come

  • You won’t feel the thrill of meeting new people and connecting with your fellow Toastmasters.
  • You won’t experience the buzz of a day out with some ghentrovert, like-minded people.
  • You won’t be inspired to take the next step of your speaking journey and become a better coach, student, colleague, father, mother, husband, wife, husband or human being.
  • You won’t inhale the rich culture and architecture of Ghent nor taste its delicious cuberdons.
You won’t learn as much.
You won’t laugh as much.
You won’t be touched that much.